Dare – Atrévete

My first post in English wasn’t supposed to be like this one.
At all.
I was meant to write about running tracks around Madrid, combining this info with shreds of cultural significance for travelers or expats to discover Madrid isn’t, in fact, so hot nor so hilly and there’s bits and pieces of history around every corner. Every now and then I would also write about solidarity projects, but the English posts were supposed to be mainly sports and culture oriented.

Still, sometimes, things don’t turn out the way they are supposed to.
So instead I find myself writing about this demanding yet extraordinary challenge: completing my first Half IronMan. I mean, up till now I was just a mere runner I now I’m going to add 2 km of swimming and 90 km of cycling to the 21 km of my regular half marathon.

But what really makes this challenge remarkable and hugely satisfying is the fact that I will be fundraising for Fundación Aladina, a Spanish Charitable Foundation. From psychological support, to indoors exercise programs, grief groups, scholarships for young physicians or a pioneering center of bone marrow transplants, Aladina has been providing support to children and teenagers with cancer as well as assisting their families for the past 10 years.

Wish to donate?
Just click on the following link #RetoXiamen70.3 #FundacionAladina
It will direct you to migranodearena.org, a secure crowdfunding website for online money raising for NGOs. Easy to use and transparent, you may donate with credit card or paypal.

Wish to collaborate?
Please, share this fundraising challenge.

¡If YOU help us, WE all fight together!

Thank you for your help.